Carsten Dominik
„Scattered light images of dust and what they say about the properties of dust in disks“

For this lecture, you will need a Fortran compiler (gfortran is recommended) and a python 3
installation on your computer. Then download the following:

SAOimage ds9
Please install the image display soCware. Also get the following file: HD135344B and try to make it look similar to this in the viewer

OpTool dust opacity software
Download and install as shown in the Userguide. Check it out by typing these commands

import optool
p=optool.particle(‘./optool d s’)
and check out the plots popping up, play with the parameter bars.

Diskmap software for scattering angle mapping

Install it on your computer. You may look at the tutorial, but this is not required as we will do this at the school.

If there are any problems, please write to:



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