Venue & Journey Directions


The Summer School will take place in a small village not far from Heidelberg, called Rauenberg. The hotel is:

Hotel Winzerhof

Bahnhofstraße 2 – 8
69231 Rauenberg
Telephone: +49 (0) 6222 9520

The school, the accommodation and the breakfast, lunch and dinner will take place there.

Public transport

Train: Presumably you will first want to take a train to Mannheim or Heidelberg, and then the S-Bahn or regional train to Station Wiesloch/Walldorf. Finally, you will need to take a taxi (6 km) to the hotel. The station Wiesloch/Walldorf is a small station, so in case there is no taxi there, you can call the regional taxi service 06222-2222 (
Alternative: We may organise transportation from Heidelberg (20 km), but only for a few (we use private cars).

From Frankfurt Airport

Take the train to Mannheim or Heidelberg, then see „Public transport“ above.

By car

Rauenberg is located directly adjacent one of the main highways (Autobahn) of Germany: The A6. You get out at „Wiesloch/Rauenberg“. Then use your navi to find the hotel in Rauenberg.